0:08 creature sound effects
1:24 spell and combat sound effects (use embedded spells link)
2:27 ambient environment soundscapes (use embedded ambient link)

Overview of ambience's and level-layout in the beginners area of The Chronicles of Spellborn (level with Ron Kamphuis, Vincent Leeuw and Joost Baars).

Process: Audio is created for liniar video captures. For use in the interactive game environment the sounds are broken into components (footsteps, Foley, voice etc.) and extra variations are made where necessary. The groups of sounds are then linked to specific frames in the animation.

custom streaming audio system:
A heavily modified version of the Unreal 2 engine was used for Spellborn. We created our own streaming, animation based triggering and occlusion solution to provide a detailed and rich audio experience.

level design
Owning to past experience as a level and game-designer, the art and design team allowed after hours and spare time assistance on level and game design. More information in the Spellborn Post Mortem. The following images are examples of my work. Please note that textures and models used where created by members of the team (see post mortem for more info).

before and after polish - forest comparison

before and after polish - forest comparison

Audio direction (2005-2009)

Audio direction for The Chronicles of Spellborn.

Creation of ambient environment soundscapes and effects.

Creation and implementation of combat and spell effects.

Creation and implementation of sound effects for creatures and monsters.

Additional music.

Recording of voices with Darren Scott and Helen Brady.

Selecting and working with composer Jesper Kyd.

System for mixing and positioning streaming audio (implementation Brian Wrenn).

Animation based sound trigger system with Brian Wrenn.

Game design (2008-2009)

Polished quest lines to make experience more engaging with Ron Kamphuis.

Analysis of starting zone experience and data driven redesign with Joost Baars, Steven Dullaert, Vincent Leeuw and Didier Pippel and Dennis Zoetebier.

Distribution and polish of wildlife type and locations.

Additional patrols, enemy spawning and wildlife balancing (polish).

Tutorial with Dennis Zoetebier.

Level design (2009)

World polish including design of settlements, faction specific attributes and landscape refinements.

Polish of effects, lighting and skyboxes for Deadspell Zone instances.

Polish outdoor lighting (brighter, more colour).

Design and implementation of "Slywood"-zone.

Marketing and PR (2005-2009)

Initial website and forum.

Presentations to press and public including Leipzig Game Convention.

Marketing trailers.

Audio Examples
Ancestral armada (sound design / storytelling)

The fleet spots a strange mist on the horizon, tension builds as the mist engulfs them. The atmosphere becomes eerily quiet, what is happening to the other boats?

These ambiences demonstrate storytelling through music elements, structure and harmony. It works really well when combined with the more traditional sample-only approach:

Nightmare cave (dark atmosphere)

Dragon Store (mood)

Green district (ambient storytelling)

The Black Ship (dark atmosphere)