Re-designed gameplay footage from Diablo IV and created a full breakdown.


Re-designed a clip from Arcane to experiment with electricity and magic sound design, with bonus Foley snow - VST chain at the end of the video (2022)
Planet Zoo
Real time obstruction and propagation in a user generated and user camera controlled environment (2018/2019)
Jurassic World Evolution
Overview of audio systems and implementation in a user generated and user controlled-camera environment. Project Audio Lead (2018)
Sonic Branding in Elite Dangerous
I think of user interaction as a means to organise specific tasks into particular sequences.

Planet Coaster Alpha 2.1
Runtime Coaster audio, reflection and tunnel reverbs. (2016)
Little Big Planet - Hub (2014)
Audio Design and Trailer Mix with Jay Waters.
The Chronicles of Spellborn
Open world mmorpg showreel featuring monsters, soundeffects, ambiences. (2005/2009)

GDC 2021 - Audio Track
How Distance has changed the sound of our games - A deep dive on Frontier Developments run time Voice Managment and Wwise side implementation.
Develop 2017 - Game Audio Talk
A breakdown of audio in Planet Coaster at the Develop Gamedeveloper Conference in Brighton
Planet Coaster Community Stream
Community Stream : Ride-, coaster- and crowd-audio, obstruction, occlusion, music and design - with Bo Marit and Jon Ashby.
Elite: Dangerous Sound in Space
Audio Breakdown of Ships, Weapons and Ambiences
Control Conference 2015
Elite: Dangerous Sound in Space
VR World Congress 2016
Matthew Florianz & Yogi Klatt (Frontier Developments) Elite Dangerous Audio
Create Looping Granular Textures
Game Audio Toolkit - Approaches, Ideas and Implementation specific to game audio (2020)
Conceptual Horror
Teaser trailer for psychological horror game, art by Gilles Ketting (2015)
Among Purgatory Pillars
Ambiences for Imaginary Games