Real-Time Early Reflection, Occlusion and Filtering of Environmental Audio.
A short introduction of the effect of real-time obstruction and environment filtering in Planet Zoo's large-open and player created environments.

Planet Zoo features a dynamic (fast moving) camera and user generated content. Terrain, objects and environments can be freely manipulated by players. To emphasize those changes; Early reflection, occlusion, filtering of environmental audio and weather is manipulated by the position of the camera and analysing the surrounding environment in real-time. Such a system has to be performant so rather than re-creating reality, it is designed to emphasize change.

Join us at GDC 2020 for our talk on open world management games and how we stepped away from using distance as a primary mix-decision, both in our code, and in Wwise. Note that the contents of this video is not the topic of the talk. (Canceled due to Covid19 Pandemic)

Planet Zoo is available now on steam: Planet Zoo on Steam