Jurassic World Evolution:
Sound Design Reel (2019)
This audio show-reel highlights the work of the audio team. It has not been endorsed by Frontier Developments or Universal pictures.

Jurassic World Evolution is a management game and usually played from a "god" perspective hovering far above the landscape.

A dynamic user controlled camera can re-frame the game world from the skies to a close-up of a dinosaur, crowd or vehicle. Players can also change the landscape, placement of buildings and fauna such as forests and lakes. This highly dynamic game environment required an innovative technical and creative solution for game audio.

We decouple emitters from items and use emitter pools to manage performance. An interactive music spotting system is searching for room in the mix to play music. A contextual rule based system can make mixing decisions based on what's important on screen, not just what's closest to the camera.

No matter how busy or empty a park or how fast the camera moves - our code and wwise side implementation keeps what's important to the player front and centre in the mix; highlighting exactly what's important on screen.

Members of the Frontier Jurassic World Evolution audio team include: Head of Audio Jim Croft, Lead Audio Designer Matthew Florianz, Senior Audio Designers Duncan Mackinnon, James Stant, and Dylan Vadamootoo, Technical Audio Designer Stephen Hollis, Lead Audio Programmer Will Augar, Senior Audio Programmer Ian Hawkins, Audio Programmer Jon Ashby, Audio Test Engineer Sam Doyle, Audio QAs Robin McGovern and Christopher Jackson, Additional Audio Designer Pablo Cañas Llorente, Music & VO Supervisor Janesta Boudreau, and Composer Jeremiah Pena.

More information on our technological solutions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCy7PrX6eZw

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The Secrets to creating Jurassic World Evolution's excellent audio

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Jurassic World Evolution:
First In-Game Footage
7th of October 2017 - First In-Game reveal presented at Frontier Expo 2017. Features in-game footage and a mix of ingame audio and post mixed in-game audio assets. Trailer mix by Pablo Cañas using audio assets provided by Skywalker Sound and additional orignal audio by Duncan MacKinnon, Jim Croft, James Stant, Dylan Vadamootoo and Matthew Florianz. Tech support by Jon Ashby, Will Augar and Sam Doyle.