The premise is simple: In charge of defending a small planetoid, an alien invasion force must be destroyed before reaching the home-base.

The innovation of Star Defense is found in spherical environments which need constant rotation to expose the battlefield.

Star Defense's user interface, controls and gameplay where such a perfect showcase for the iOs platform, that Apple requested publisher ngmoco:) to present it during Apple's WWDC 2009 keynote. Star Defense quickly broke into the top ten of the App Store, scored great review marks and won several awards. IGN rewarded it a 9.0 and later announced it the best iPhone strategy game of 2009.

Audio achievements where recognized too "... sound: 8.5 Great effects and music ... "

For release version 1.1 some additional tower upgrades, menu sound effects and updated title music was created by the good people of Groovy Audio. The 1.1 extension overlapped with another project and I couldn't provide the extra requests.

... Great effects and music. The spatial audio is very, very cool ...

- | Sound: 8.5 | Editor's Award | Best strategy game of 2009
... Brilliant. The orchestral arrangements are the best I have heard in an iPhone game, heck I only think Halo and Halo 2 for the Xbox beats Star Defense. Sound effects are great with volume of weapon fire varying depending on how closely zoomed in you are. Overall the game is perfectly tuned for earphones with lots of stereo and panning effects ...

- Sound: 5 out of 5 stars
... the music is excellent ...
... The sound effects are extremely well done, as is the music - a calm ambience that adds atmosphere and tension to the proceedings ...

- Rating: 5/5

Audio Direction (2009)

Creation of ambient environment soundscapes

Creation of music *

Creation of effects *

(* additional music and audio by Groovy Audio)

Music examples

When looping music, melodies can risk becoming predictable and compared to a pulsing, layered and atmospheric approach. The music for Star Defense is layered rhythmically and has an a-symmetrical build up, before looping.







Nova Cratos



Star Defense (theme / v1.0 only / 30 sec. sample)

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