Recording artist Peter Koning:
Recording live guitar for the music in fight game rivals.

Gui / interaction design prototyping.
The design of the following GUI prototypes was part of the game design and pre-production work. It helped understand if all information could be contained on the small screen.

Audio (2011)

Creation of ambient environment soundscapes.

Creation of combat sound effects.

Recording voices and music artist.

Implementation of audio in unity engine.

Music creation and production.

Field recording for background ambiences.

Game design (2011)

Analysis of project and design refinements.

Creation of a timing-game prototype to demonstrate the concept (linked below).

Balance and implementation of timing-game variations.

Interaction / GUI design (2011)

Extraction of relevant gameplay elements and design of GUI accordingly.

Music examples

parking lot level (demo)

(* mastered for small phone speaker / !!!! very loud !!!!)

endurance loop (w. Peter König) *

strength loop (w. Peter König) *

title and menu music *